Serve as an inclusive cultural home to encourage innovation in the arts, preserve and promote the heritage of Black communities in all its forms, and help bring together all cultures and Canadians of all backgrounds.



Inclusion is not a one-way street. As an organization founded and led by people from a historically marginalized group, we believe that we have a duty to highlight and deliberately include in all we do the diversity of gender, sex, sexual orientation, linguistic and ethno-cultural richness of black communities. We also believe that the continued pertinence and longevity of the CCAM lies in its ability to be above all a unifying endeavour that all Canadians can take ownership of, regardless of their ethnic or cultural origins.


At CCAM, we believe that each generation has an obligation to do better than the one that came before it. We also believe that they have the responsibility to build for a better tomorrow and leave for the generations that come after them a strong legacy that serves as an anchor point and helps preserve collective memory. The existence of the CCAM as well as its dedication to innovation and creation are part of the recognition and acceptance of our life mission.